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  • What is Auto-Pay?

    If you elect to opt in to Auto-Pay, it means that your bills will be paid automatically on their due date or date you choose using your default credit card or bank account. This will avoid any late fees and free you from having to remember when to pay.

  • Can I cancel Auto-Pay?

    Yes, simply go into your profile and uncheck the auto-pay box that you had previously checked when you elected to opt into Auto-Pay

  • What are scheduled payments?

    Scheduled payments are set up individually for each bill due on a specific date by you.

  • Can I schedule payments?

    Yes. You can set up a future payment at any time prior to the bill due date.

  • Can I change a scheduled payment?

    Yes, as long as it is changed before the date it was scheduled to be paid.

  • What is a partial payment?

    A partial payment occurs when only part of an invoice is paid and may apply if your biller has elected to allow partial payments. Please contact your biller's office for more information.

  • What is the difference between auto-pay and a scheduled payment?

    Auto-pay is an automated process, which pays your balance in full each billing cycle 2 days prior to the due date, scheduled payments are manually entered by you for the date you choose each time you make a payment.

  • What if I already have auto-pay or a scheduled payment set up with my bank?

    You will need to contact your bank and cancel your automated or scheduled payment before the payment is due (typically payments are made a couple days in advance of the due date, so don't wait until the last minute).

  • Why am I being charged a late fee?

    If you feel that this fee has been assessed in error or you would like more information about late fee charges, please contact your biller's office.

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