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  • Do I need to notify my bank or change bank accounts?

    No, your current bank account (checking or savings) will work fine. So many payments are made electronically now that banks are already prepared for online payments. However, if you have arranged through your bank to automatically pay your bill, you need to contact your bank and discontinue the automated payment, otherwise you may pay your bill twice.

  • What information do I need to make a payment?

    If you are registered, the only information you need to have available to complete a payment transaction is your email address and password. If you make an express payment, then you will also need your bank account or credit card information and your account number.

  • When can I pay?

    You can make payment or review your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is always a good idea to pay or schedule a payment at least few days before the due date to allow for processing time.

  • Can I use a credit card to pay my bill(s)?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can I use a debit card to pay my bill(s)?

    Yes, although technically your debit card will be processed like a credit card and you will not be asked to enter a pin number.

  • Can I tell if my payment has been posted?

    Yes, simply login to your account and select "View paid or closed invoices".

  • Will I have online access to my account?

    Yes, you will have 24/7 access to your account for invoice review and payment, payment history and customer service requests.

  • How long will my payment history be maintained?

    18 months is the standard retention period.

  • Will I be able to print a copy of my bill?

    Yes, each invoice is presented in PDF and HTML format. Electronic storage is recommended because it saves paper and has a beneficial impact on our environment.

  • How do I change my account information?

    Simply log into your account and change any of your personal information under my profile.

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