The results of the second round of samples taken on 9/26/17 were received today, 9/27/17.  No traces of any presence of E-Coli were found.  Subsequently, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has lifted the Boil Order for the system in accordance with their policy.  The water is now confirmed safe for consumption.   


Abenaki Water Company's Lakeland customers are eligible to receive a credit to the water portion of their bill for receipts submitted identifying water purchased from Friday, September 22, 2017 - Wednesday, September 27, 2017 caused by the Boiling Water Order issued for this time frame.  Credits will be issued on the October water bill.  All requests for reimbursement must identify your account number and be post marked no later than October 31, 2017.  Please mail your request to Abenaki Water Company, 32 Artisan Court # 2, Gilford NH 03249.  Should you have any questions or need clarification, please contact customer services at 603-293-8580.


Samples taken on 09/25/17 after chlorination of the system came back negative for the presence of E-Coli and coliform today, 9/26/17.  Abenaki Water has started the second round of sampling today to confirm these results.  We expect to receive the results of today's samples tomorrow, 09/27/17.

ATTENTION LAKELAND WATER CUSTOMERS:  A positive test result was received on 9/22/17 showing a presence of E-Coli in the water distribution system. Due to this, a boil order was implemented for all customers.  Subsequently, Abenaki Water and the NH Department of Environmental Services have collaborated on site to determine the course of action.  Abenaki Water in conjunction with a 3rd party consultant, chlorinated the distribution system on 9/23-9/24 per DES protocol.  Abenaki is retesting the system on 9/25 to establish if an E-Coli presence still exists.  The first set of test results should be received on 9/26 at which point an additional round of testing will occur to determine if the boil order can be lifted on 9/27.  Abenaki encourages you to review this site for updates and to visit the DES website to answer FAQs at:  https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/commissioner/pip/factsheets/dwgb/documents/dwgb-4-12.pdf



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On 2/22/17 Eversource Power repaired a power line on Orchard Hill Road.  In doing so they inadvertently cut power to our water booster station in this area.  Once we received calls about low pressure Abenaki Water Operators responded and worked to resolve the issue that night.  
The water treatment project was completed on 2/24/17.  The new media for this treatment system was installed successfully and put back on-line and is now providing water in compliance with NH DES standards.
A new water meter system has been implemented and requires the meters to be changed.  Beginning March 1st, Abenaki Water will be working with your Property Manager to allow us access to the water meter.  The process should take approximately one hour.  Our goal is to complete all meter changes by the end of 2017.  

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The water system's supply comes from groundwater sources. Three bedrock wells, which are located at 6 Rocky Point Drive, simultaneously pump water into two 15,000 gallon atmospheric storage tanks while passing through two activated alumina filters for arsenic removal.


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