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Clean Water

Bow customers
The water system's supply comes from groundwater sources. Three bedrock wells, which are located at 6 Rocky Point Drive, simultaneously pump water into two 15,000 gallon atmospheric storage tanks while passing through two activated alumina filters for arsenic removal. The treated water is then transferred by duplicate booster pumps to a 5,000 gallon steel hydro pneumatic storage tank and ultimately into the water system. During the treatment process, sulfuric acid is first used to make the activated alumina more efficient while caustic soda is then added for pH adjustment (corrosion control). This reduces effects of corrosion on pipes in the system and in your home. Lastly, sodium hypochlorite is added for disinfection.
For more information, please see our most recent Annual Water Quality Report.

Belmont customers
The water supplied by the Company is from a gravel pack well and a bedrock well both located at the lower end of the development near Route 107. These sources fill a 50,000 gallon storage tank located at the top of the development. There are presently two booster pumps in the pump station along with a corrosion control and disinfection system.
For more information, please see our most recent Annual Water Quality Report.

Rosebrook customers
Our water comes from two gravel packed wells. Well one is located inside the well pump house and produces 300 gallons per minute. Well two is located 80' northeast of the well house and produces 425 gallons per minute. The water is treated with soda ash due to low pH and is disinfected with chlorine.
For more information, please see our most recent Annual Water Quality Report.


Source Water Assessment and Protection

This program, established under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, requires every state to: inventory land uses within the recharge areas of all public water supply sources; assess the susceptibility of drinking water sources to contamination from these land uses; and publicize the results to provide support for improved protection.

Please read this letter to our customers regarding drinking water protection and the Got Clean Drinking Water? pamphlet for more information.

Cross Connection- Questions and Answers

For information on backflow prevention products and the protection of safe drinking water please click here.